Blogging – why?

On Monday, I’m due to deliver some Professional Development to staff at my school on the topic of blogging. But why?

I know why I blog. I value the opportunity to reflect on things I’ve learnt, things that didn’t work, things that I’ve been reading or things I’m keen to try. I enjoy the dialogue with other educators about these topics and the feedback and ideas I get that help enhance my teaching. I like having an online presence as part of a community of bloggers who share, discuss, debate and dissect. And, like student bloggers, I like having an authentic audience for my writing. It means so much more when you think there is even the smallest chance that someone else might read it. That feeling is so much more powerful when your audience could potentially be from the far flung corners of the globe.

However, they’re my reasons. What are yours? Why do you blog? Why should my colleagues be encouraged to do so? And why should we get our students on board?