ICTEV 2012 – Creativity, networking & inspiration

I’ve spent a thoroughly inspiring day at ICTEV 2012 and have come home with a head swirling with ideas, half formed plans and a list of things to explore. After such a full and thought provoking day, I’m not sure that I have the energy to write in detail about the fabulous presentations I attended but I’m going to try to summarise my ‘take home’ messages…

  • Despite a frequent cry amongst some in our profession that we’re overworked and unable to find any spare minutes, an assembly hall full of educators were willing to meet on a Saturday to talk, learn, share, question and ponder.
  • Kids learning from kids, either live or through screencasting/tutorials, is powerful. I thought I was already doing this but now realise I’m not doing it enough. ‘My teacher has no rewind button’ – screencasting and video tutorials provide that facility.
  • It’s not about the technology, it’s about the pedagogy. Think ‘why’ first then ‘what’ and ‘how’.
  • Multimodality is here but it doesn’t just happen and kids don’t just create it. Like every other form of literacy, they need support and guidance to get the most out of it and understand all it is capable of achieving.
  • Teaching teachers to use technology is easy, getting them to relinquish control is the challenge*.
That’s my day, in a nutshell. I promise to blog more as I explore some of the tools and ideas that I gathered today but just wanted to get my immediate thoughts out there before my head hits the pillow. Big thanks to ICTEV & to an active and motivated PLN for organising, presenting and tweeting such an amazing event.

My profuse apologies to whoever I quoted this from – it was in one of the fabulous presentations but I can’t remember which one. Poor form on my part, I admit. But too important a message not to add to this recap!

Making my own ‘creative connection’ at ICTEV

For a while now, I’ve attended professional learning sessions about ICT in education and been enthused, inspired and, often, blown away by the creativity and ingenuity of other educators. While I’ve delivered professional learning at my own school (daunting enough) to share ideas I’ve had, I haven’t previously had the confidence to take it further. Who would want to listen to me? Are my thoughts and knowledge really worth sharing?

So, in another fit of ‘resolution setting’, I decided this year would be different – I submitted an abstract to the ICTEV Creative Connections conference and, to my utter delight, it’s been accepted. We received the program at school yesterday and I proudly looked at my name in print. The session I’m presenting is a culmination of lots of ideas, many of them that came together during my literature review for my PhD as well as some things I’ve observed in the multitude of classrooms I’ve been part of. I’m really looking forward to sharing – now I’m just crossing my fingers that people find it interesting enough to come along!