Teacher blogging challenge – 10 questions for my blog

A quick, 10 question interview with my blog….

1. Tell us about yourself – who are you? Well, I’m a blog.  I’m just a bunch of words grouped into random thoughts, mostly about how education is enhanced with technology.

2. What inspired you to begin? I love sharing things – ideas, successes, less than successful attempts at things and also like having a record of my professional thoughts and happenings.

3. What inspires you most to write individual posts? Students.  When they do amazing things (ie, most of the time), my author can’t help but share that and the learning environment that helped it along.

4. What is hard about being a blog? Sometimes I feel a bit neglected. I don’t think my author does it intentionally, she just seems to get very caught up in other things and forgets to update me.  She says she has lots of ideas – I just wish she was better at getting them on screen.

5. What is your favourite moment so far? Announcing my top 10 for the year. My author was very proud of how far she had come during the year so that was a great post to publish. Receiving comments from others has been really rewarding too, especially from educators my author admires.

6. If you could be anything else in the cloud, what could you be? Difficult question! I think I’d like to be a wiki – all the input from other people would help me become more knowledgeable!

7. What are your goals for this year? I thought about running for Prime Minister but apparently blogs aren’t considered citizens in their own right.  Perhaps that could be the topic of a great new post?  I’d like to encourage my author to post more regularly.

8. What advice do you have for other blogs? Get out there and get yourself noticed!  Publish often on issues relevant to your topic and always network – I hang out with other blogs at parties all the time (and not just for the food).

9. What do you think the future holds?  Are there any bloggy developments on the horizon? I’d like to be a bit more rounded with resources and links to thinks relevant to educational technology.  I know my author has all sorts of different tools saved around the place but I’d like her to have the time/patience/focus to be able to bring it all together – that would be useful for her and others.

10. Anything else to add? Er, no.  Thanks.  It’s been fun!

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