Becoming literate in a media rich world

I was fortunate enough to present at this year’s ICTEV conference and happened to be in one of the rooms they had chosen to film sessions in. I’m not sure I like being filmed and am probably more critical of my presentation with the ability to playback and dissect it but I thought this wouldn’t really be a complete picture of my journey as an educator and learner without it so here it is! If you’re interested, there is also the presentation that I delivered.

I really enjoyed the opportunity and the conversations it prompted with participants after the session as well as the chance it gave me to clarify and articulate my thinking on the topic. Now that I’m over the hurdle of my first presentation, I’m looking for opportunities for the next one. Hopefully without the nerves 🙂

One thought on “Becoming literate in a media rich world

  1. Hi Gillian, I am wondering whether you could repeat this session for Tech Talk Tuesday, on any Tuesday in October or November, from 4-5pm I shall email you as well, but it looks great and hope you are happy to have a go at virtual presentations!

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