iPads – our journey begins

My own, personal journey with an iPad began in January in New York. I was convinced for a long time that I didn’t really need one and wouldn’t really use one. However I’m now quite attached and have found lots of ways that it has helped me, particularly in streamlining some of the admin through my use of Evernote.

It also opened my eyes to the possibilities that this piece of technology could open up in our classrooms. Despite the ‘macgirl’ tag, I’m not exclusively apple and want to promote the idea of ‘one to many’ devices at school, not limiting our students to one flavour of technology. We already have laptops or netbooks in all classrooms so, rather than adding more of the same, we chose to bring iPads into the school recently to provide more choices and tools for students.

So far, so good. The iPads have been released into classrooms this week and have, as expected, been well received by students and teachers. While encouraging play, I’ve also written an app guide to let teachers know what is available on the iPads and suggestions for use to help with their planning. I’m sure I’ll blog more as the journey continues – looking forward to Slide2Learn in a couple of weeks to further challenge me and harvest more ideas 🙂

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