Changing times

I have wanted to write a post for a while but, while ideas were always bubbling, the desire to write was not. Why not? I love to write! But something was getting in my way. When I seriously began to question what that block might be, I discovered that it was my PhD. In fact, it was getting in the way of lots of things, not least of which was my interest and enthusiasm for teaching.

When I started studying, I did it because I love the idea of research and of questioning, finding patterns and evolving new and different ways of ‘doing’ and ‘being’. My PhD seemed a natural progression from my Masters as I had questions unresolved and areas that hadn’t been adequately covered in the research I was reading. Seven months in, I’ve found the constant switching between the realities of my classroom and the concept filled and methodology driven world of my PhD is tiring. So, for now, I’ve withdrawn from my studies. Almost instantly I’ve regained my enthusiasm for teaching. The things I’ve read and considered in the last 7 months have sharpened my focus, given me a broader experience and have certainly not been ‘wasted time’. I’m sure I will keep reading, questioning and exploring as I always have done, just without the constant pressure to ‘produce’ that was hanging over me before.

My research interests in how young children interact with, become familiar with and use a wide range of technologies hasn’t changed but I intend to attack it from a more practical angle rather than a purely academic one. And maybe, one day, I’ll get back to the study. Maybe it can be a retirement project when I no longer have a career to expend my creative energy on. Never say never…..

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