21st century learner

I came across this video today while researching different opinions on what 21st century learning looks like and it struck a chord with me. In particular, I like Nichole Pinkard’s comments in it about children of this generation not instantly being ‘at one’ with technology, just because they’re born into a world surrounded by it. As she notes, it relates more to your experiences and exposure to it at an individual level.

I also really like the comments about not just preparing children for future employment but rather for the future in general. Leisure time and social interactions are equally as important and are something our education system needs to help them prepare for.

One thought on “21st century learner

  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog which has led me to this video on yours that reinforces some of the points I am making about the “digital natives” I have in my class, and what experiences and knowledge they bring into my classroom.

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