Every journey begins by finding your walking shoes

Last year I was hugely excited to be accepted to study my PhD through Charles Sturt University. Yesterday I formally made myself start my studies. In that sentence lies the first thing I need to master – “made myself”. My PhD will require levels of motivation and self discipline I’ve not had to show before but which I’m (hoping I’m) capable of. I have a great supervisory team who are already showing how supportive they are however I’m still quite daunted by the whole ‘aloneness’ of the experience.

The title of this post alludes to the fact I don’t even feel I’ve taken a step yet, just found some of the equipment needed. Since being accepted, I’ve been collecting various articles/books of relevance to my topic and yesterday began reading. I can tell already that distraction will be my biggest enemy but not from the usual culprints of facebook, my cat and oprah. As my topic so closely aligns with what I teach, I found myself reading something which I immediately wanted to search/dissect to incorporate into my classroom planning. I’m sure that’s a good thing but could be dangerous to my timetable for getting this finished!

Shall keep this short – I just felt it was a momentous occasion and needed some sort of formal recognition. The journey has begun. I have on my shoes, now to go about chipping a path out of the masses of grass, weeds and rocks that appear to be in my way. . . .

6 thoughts on “Every journey begins by finding your walking shoes

  1. Congratulations on starting the journey! I just began master’s courses last semester and I feel overwhelmed sometimes…I can’t imagine how much more stressful starting a PhD program would be. Just remember that this is supposed to be a positive experience for you. Anytime you get stressed, remember why you’re doing it, and that you’ll get through it. Best of luck!

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