Before and after the spring clean

When I first looked at task 3 in the teacher blogging challenge I thought ‘I don’t need to do that’. I’m not a hugely experienced blogger but already had an ‘About me‘ page and didn’t really think much about it’s purpose. I’ll admit now, I was wrong. I’ve amended my profile page a little although it’s still lacking. It’s probably the hardest page to compile – you want to give the world information but not too much. I’ve relaxed my guard a little over the past year of teaching ICT as I’ve come to appreciate that information being in the public domain is really just a fact of 21st century life and something to be actively managed rather than something that should send you screaming into the hills. But secrecy is a hard habit to break and my paranoid tendencies still get in the way. So consider it a work in progress.

Also a work in progress is my ICT links page. I really just wanted to throw on a collection of things I use all the time. As a teacher of Grades Prep to 6, I need resources that are open ended, flexible, reliable and engaging and this page aims to bring together some of the things I’ve discovered (with a lot of help from colleagues on twitter!). It will be added to. Promise!

The final act of ‘cleaning’ that I did was to choose a new theme. It sounds a little vacuous to be worrying about how my blog’s ‘hair and makeup’ look but this is the professional image that I’m putting out there to the world and want it to look it’s best. I think I’m happy with this theme – not too fussy but with room to add personal touches and all the bits that I consider essential. Comments welcome!

4 thoughts on “Before and after the spring clean

  1. Gill,
    I’m not sure what your theme used to look like, but I really like this one. It’s profession and easy to read. Love the title of your blog! Keep working on your ICT links page . . . it will be great resource.


    • Thanks for the comment and feedback Aimee – I’m glad I’ve started the ICT links page as it will be good to bring together a collection of things I use all the time, in one place.

  2. GIll, welcome back after a couple weeks off. I missed your posts! I thought the same thing about my About. Since Activity 3, I think I have updated it three times, and it’s due for moure changes. I’m still finding my way. Denise
    Here is my blog Dare to Care

    • Thanks for the comment, Denise – it’s great to know someone is reading them (other than just my lovely husband!). Thanks also for the link to your blog – I like your ‘About page’ as it tells us more than just your present role but delves a little into the history behind it. It’s such a careful balance between giving enough and too much information but I think you’ve done a great job. I’m sure, like you, I’ll be making many more changes to it, depending on how I feel on different days!

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