another year over…

I started the year as a Grade 5/6 teacher, mildly excited about my new grade but already becoming jaded with politics – both those within my school and those being forced on us by various levels of government.  I spent term 1 loving every moment with my students but knew it wasn’t really what I wanted to be doing.  Not quite.  I saw a job advertised as an ICT teacher and leapt at the chance to apply.

I finished the year with a huge smile and an energy that I haven’t had since my first term as a teacher.  Teaching ICT to Prep through to Grade 6 students hasn’t always been the easiest task but I have loved it all, especially learning and developing my skills along with them.  It took me a while to get my head around the role but, like I have always done in the classroom, I fed off my students.  I listened to what they liked to do outside of the classroom and tried to weave that into what we did inside it.  I don’t want the students to get bored and don’t want to suffer from boredom myself so it’s important that I keep the ICT lab lively and up to date, not bogged down in ‘old technologies’.  This is a goal for next year – I’ve started along the path but need to improve.

I was also a bit worried that, leaving behind my regular class, I would also leave behind the bond you make with children you teach every day.  However, despite only having each grade for an hour a week, I feel I have made a connection and look forward to continuing to build those relationships next year.

I would not have been able to have such a challenging and fulfilling year this year without the support of colleagues – both those within my new school and those in the twitterverse who gave me ideas, encouragement and a sense of belonging that is absolutely invaluable.  I can’t state it strongly enough – that PLN has made such a difference to my experience of being a teacher this year and it will be something I will be fostering and encouraging others to participate in next year.

So what’s ahead for 2011?  Becoming a better ICT teacher, albeit in a shorter time frame.  I’m reducing to part time hours so that I can undertake my PhD and the thought is both exciting and terrifying at the moment.  I have so many ideas and things I want to try out with the students but also look forward to the chance to get my teeth into some research – the theory to support my practice.  Roll on 2011!

2 thoughts on “another year over…

  1. Thanks for sharing your reflections on your year with us all.

    I am about to move into an ICT teaching role next year having been a classroom teacher for the past 7 years. Your reflections are similar to some of the thoughts I am having at the moment as I enter this new role.

    Hoping to search more around your blog, develop my PLN and learn as much as I can over the summer break so I can hit the ground running in 2011 !

    Look forward to reading more about your journey with ICT 🙂

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