The Ultranet is coming

Yesterday I attended my first Ultranet training session and had a fabulous opportunity to ‘play’. I’m excited about the fact that all teachers, all schools and all students will be moved along the technology continuum.  Previously there has been a big gap between schools conducting innovative programs and those who lacked the skills/equipment/ambition to do so. There will still be gaps but the Ultranet will force many schools to incorporate technology and, hopefully, give them the resources to do it well. Obviously, like any new piece of technology, there are bits which I’m not so happy with but look forward to seeing how it will evolve.

2 thoughts on “The Ultranet is coming

  1. The ultimate dream is that all teachers will be linked but the reality, I am led to believe, is that initially we are only connected to those in the state education system . . . a backward step for many! I know it all has to start somewhere, and that for a large proportion it is a scary step forward but as life imitates our art, I hope those of us on the cutting edge don’t get bored and frustrated and lose interest!!

    • True – there are certainly limitations, something I am discovering more and more as I delve deeper into it and try to do things on the Ultranet that I take for granted in other areas of my online life. However, we have to start somewhere and hope that this start allows the Ultranet to move forward swiftly to catch up with functionality on the rest of the net.

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