feeling proud

Today I feel like I’m getting there.  While planning for my Grade 5/6 ICT class, I’ve recorded a screencast for them with the basics of how to use Freemind using jing and have uploaded the result to my webpage.  I’ve also finally recharged my pocket pc and put the documents on there that I keep carrying around paper copies of in an effort to get myself organised.

I’m feeling proud that I’m not just teaching it but trying to live it, play with it and learn it myself.  I’ve always considered myself tech-savvy-ish but haven’t necessarily felt competent to teach it with the flair that others seem to have but today, I think I’m getting there.  I’ve also been relistening to Chris Betcher podcasts which has inspired me (thanks Chris!) and have downloaded a range of tech podcasts to keep me inspired on my drive to work.

Let’s just hope this motivation continues.  I’m looking for the best ways to use my pocket pc this week.  Having spent the last few weeks taking paper anecdotal notes has left me with a pile of unreadable script which I’ll have trouble deciphering, let alone using to help me write reports and plan teaching so there has to be a better way.  And I think it’s important for the kids to see me playing with technology as it reinforces what I tell them all the time – I’m not the expert.  I might know a fair bit about computers and lots about teaching but the learning really comes down to what they choose to do with the experiences I construct.

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