another week down

I’ve set myself a reminder to blog weekly which might seem excessive but I know what I’m like.  If I leave it to blog until I have something useful to say, I’ll never do it!

Have just finished week 2 of my job as an ICT teacher and am loving the challenge although am really just settling into it.  Teaching Prep to Grade 6 gives you a chance to really see how children develop.  There appears to be an obvious leap between the Grade 1/2 students and those in 3/4.  Perhaps a leap of confidence rather than skill?  Watching the Preps is quite telling – they just aren’t explorers.  So much for ‘digital natives’.  I remember being put onto programs when I was younger and have a great time clicking on stuff, just to see what it would do.  So many of the students I encountered this week seemed reluctant to experiment – don’t know if it was fear of getting it wrong or resulting from being told off in the past for clicking things?!

Teaching such a wide cross section also requires you to be very flexible and able to switch focus quickly.  I’ve been using with my Grade 5/6 students this week to create personal tag poems and have had Grade 3/4s browsing stories at to get some ideas for creating their own digital stories next week.  Grade 1/2s have been using Publisher to create posters advertising our school for Education Week while Preps have been finding their way around keyboards and practicing logging in!  I’m aware that my current program isn’t exactly innovative but it’s going to take me a little while to get my head around where I want to take it.  It has certainly been a big leap from a generalist classroom teacher to an ICT specialist role and it will take me a little while to settle in.  But I’m still loving the challenge 🙂

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