my first, tentative steps into the cyber-world

Well, here I am.  This is not the first time I’ve attempted blogging.  In fact I’ve lost track of how many attempts there are of mine floating around in cyberspace.  However, I’m determined that this one will be different!  I was inspired to take these steps following the amazing ACEC 2010 Conference held in Melbourne during April.  It was thought provoking, challenging, enlightening, comforting and terrifying all at once, particularly in light of the new job I have just started as and ICT teacher at a Primary School in Melbourne.

Anyway, more to say, no doubt, but lots of fiddling to do first.  I’ve discovered one of the big perils of trying to plan lessons as an ICT teacher – it’s far too much fun just to play with the stuff you’re supposed to be planning to teach!  While planning a lesson on tag clouds for my Grade 5/6 students, I ended up making my own, mixing it, changing and customising colours. . . .generally getting a long way from the task at hand!

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